Stories and Other Truths from the South

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  1. Katalina by Hope for agoldensummer
  2. She is a Whisper by 4 and 20 Blackbirds
  3. Wing by Melanie Hammet
  4. My Memories by Joyce Brookshire
  5. Heartbreak by Amy Pike and the Last Cold Beer
  6. Au Revoir Les Bateaux by Elise Witt
  7. Funny Feeling, Funny Thing by Jack Logan
  8. Yippie Yeah Yeah by Hubcap City

  1. Warning Signs by Theresa Davis
  2. William James Lovelace by Alice Lovelace

Blackbird on my Shoulder featured visual artists, writers and performers who were unshakably attached to the southeastern United States and were inspired by auto(biography) and storytelling. Stories, song and poetry were installed among photographs, drawings and sculptural installation. From the marrow of the South tales grow like beanstalks, reaching towards the patient sky.

Blackbird on my Shoulder was organized with support from The Margaret Virginia Philip Art Endowment Fund.