Photography by Lucinda Bunnen


“From the stables of the local hunt club, to the isolated little girl caught in the summer sprinkler, and the dense loneliness of the Cumberland Island Seashore, Lucinda Bunnen has been capturing the South and its people with her camera lens poised, for that split moment in time, for almost half a century.

Edges, Exposures, & Mayhem is a collection of images chosen to reflect the themes Bunnen employs to create her special niche – landscapes, animals, and portraits. With an outsider’s innate curiosity, and the instinctual deftness of spontaneity, Bunnen captures the subject in a unique, intimate way. Her storytelling through images invites the viewer into her charmed nomadic circle.

Since her last retrospective in 1998, Lucinda Bunnen has been exploring new techniques in printing. She challenges notions of scale with grand picture formats and uses watercolor papers and silk as the foundation for her images. Edges, Exposures, & Mayhem presents the results of these experiments, including an installation of floating prints on fabric, and a hundred-foot wall of thousands of snapshot portraits. Edges, Exposures, & Mayhem offers insight to the creative process of this ever-evolving visual storyteller.”


-Richard Eagan, organizer of Edges, Exposures, & Mayhem