A response by women artists to the intellectual and social challenges of our times.



Organized and juried by the Georgia chapter of the Women’s Caucus for Art and presented in collaboration with the Dalton Gallery of Agnes Scott College, Material Witness presented a review of our times as expressed by women artists across the United States. As change accelerates, and we are moving rapidly into the next age, contemporary art acts documenting the world at this moment. This exhibition sought to broadly represent work defining our time.

‘Material Witness presented artists whose contemplative voices were evident in their processes and manifested in materials. They paid attention, with eyes wide open and ears close to the ground, considering both intimate and immense ideas through their art making. The feminist adage of the personal is the political befitted this group of artists. They jumped into these challenging times with a host of struggles, negotiating difficult issues to reveal how the personal could also be universal. Some balanced the vertigo of the swiftly spinning planet with a sense of humor, a bit of irony within the substance of their expression. Though the material range represented within the exhibition was broad, the themes the artists worked with often coincided. There existed an ever-present concern for relationships and connections, those ordinary and effervescent, spontaneous or problematic. Other works were cloaked in the mantle of the dream world, forming a sequence that came from an altered sense of time and dominated how space is understood. Overall, the flesh of material held court, delivering a guttural kick for the viewer to absorb.’

-Lisa Alembik, Dalton Gallery curator 2002-2013