“My sweet, sweet… might be an impassioned whisper; penned to a dear one; cooed when kissing a baby or stroking a beloved pet; uttered to a victim. It could be spoken from the joy of family and sentimental musings or from saccharine sarcasm. Such words of desire could be reserved for fetishistic objects of passions, capitalistic ventures and ill-gotten gains.

Close your eyes and speak the words ‘my sweet, sweet…’ How does it feel? Do experiences flood your senses – tastes of childhood, smells from encounters, an image of your love, regrets? In closing your eyes are you comfortable, alone with the sweetness of your self?

In this exhibit private relationships and special connections are explored, posed in a public venue to spark an open conversation. Artists were invited to consider the phrase and works were chosen that pull together a broad scope of perspectives on the subject.”


-Lisa Alembik, Dalton Gallery curator 2002-2013