The Dalton Gallery’s fall 2017 exhibition, weatherwise/otherwise: artists respond to climate change, features artists who observe varied facets of the weather and climate picture, and its impact on our planet, the human race, and other living things. The observations range from data visualizations of meteorological statistics to perplexed penguins who find themselves in a warming setting. Disappearing shorelines and thinning tree covers co-exist with cosmic views of clouds and the earth under pressure in living color and 3-D. These observations may stop us in our tracks with their beauty, yet leave us pondering their deeper impact. Artists include: Peter BahouthBruce Bobick, John Cargile, Mary Edna FraserCarolyn HallidayKathryn KolbBettina MatzkuhnQavavau ManumieNathalie MiebachOhotaq MikkigakNingiukulu Teevee, and Karen Reese Tunnell. This exhibition will feature a variety of programming and multi-disciplinary events. All events are free and open to the public.  Made possible by the James T. and Ella Rather Kirk Fund and the Nelle Chamlee Howard Fund.  Co-sponsored by the Dalton Gallery and the Center for Sustainability at Agnes Scott College.

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